Cumber's Tropical Apartments has been established since 2006.  It is our mission to provide a safe, clean, comfortable and ambient atmosphere for our visitors.  Thus allowing them to fully appreciate their well deserved vacation and break away from the stresses of life.  In addition, we strive to maintain and improve on service excellence and customer relations.

Some of the comments made about us:

"Comfortable, affordability without compromise on quality."

"A real vacation home, from home...."

    "A hidden gem in Christchurch..."

As a guide to help you plan you vacation with us, here are some frequently asked questions that may make your choices a little easier.  Should you need additional assistance , please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Where is Cumber’s located?

Cumber’s Tropical Apartments is located in Pegwell Gardens, near Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados

Does Cumber’s accept credit cards?

Yes, most credit and debit cards are accepted at Cumber’s including American Express and Discovery.

How do I book and what is Cumber’s booking procedure?

Two booking options are available to potential guests. Those comfortable with online booking can go to the Cumber’s website – – click on the ‘book a condo’ tab. Type in vacation/holiday dates to and from. Peruse the condominium options available for that period. Click ‘more info’ or the picture, for details. Browse descriptions, photographs and make a selection. Click’ Book now’ which will open a secure payments screen to review the booking, peruse terms of business and input credit card details.

An automated confirmation will be sent to the email address provided. Cumber’s office staff will check your booking and send a Reservation Confirmation.

Alternatively, if you feel happiest with a one to one contact booking method, we are available from Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm on 1-246-4285597. Should wish to contact us during the weekend, please leave us a message, along with your telephone number and we will return your call as soon as we are able.

In the rare case, where there is a problem with your online booking, we will ring you to offer you available alternatives.

How has Covid-19 affected the working practices at Cumbers?

Your comfort and safety has always been our prime concern. Thus, a safety decision was made to wait until the government directives and protocols were published before putting revised measures into place, in accordance to the same.

It started with our cleaning protocols, whereas, in the past, we have prided ourselves in attaining and maintaining standards well known and reviewed by our guests; Covid 19 has ensured that our staff members have undergone retraining and we have written deep cleaning protocols operations and checks, to which they must adhere.

To maintain the cleanliness standards throughout your stay, we supply you with extra cleaning cloths and disinfectant to keep your surfaces hygenically clean and hand sanitisers for your use.

In addition, to the deep cleaning protocols set, every condominium undergoes a final disinfectant procedure just prior to check in. All paper products, such as telephone directories and welcome packs have been removed and welcome pack contents are now available in the e-copy Guest Guide & Condo Operation Manual.

Cumber’s has recently updated their business practices to allow for smoother, less contact procedures to operate and safeguard all parties during these uncertain times.

For example, we offer less contact check ins, where office procedures are kept to a minimum and key box entry is available, should you wish it. it should be noted that ID verification would be needed along with contact tracing logs kept for all your visitors.

Where are the Reservation Terms & Conditions found?

Our Terms & Conditions are there to protect all parties involved in the booking process. It is in place to prevent issues from arising by being clear about how everything works, along with each person’s responsibilities whilst occupying our condominiums.

Reservation and Business Terms & Conditions are available to view online at the time of automated booking or within the Reservation Confirmation form sent via email.

What will happen in case of cancellations?

At Cumber’s we operate a 20% non-refundable deposit on all bookings. However, we believe in giving our patrons the opportunity to utilise their deposit at a future date if there is a need to cancel their booking at a period of time. Normally, we would allow a 6 months’ window in which to use said monies. With recent events, we realise that rebooking within this time period may not be achievable. Therefore, we have extended the re-booking opportunity period to 12 months from the date of your original, intended arrival.

What information do you need to verify my details?

We ask for details of your photographic ID (this can be a passport, Government issued ID cards or Driving Licence). We also ask for an email address and telephone number to reach you on and an emergency telephone number in your home country, to be kept in case of emergencies. All of these requirements are designed to help your stay be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
At your check-in (or a day after your contactless check in) we are required to check the card used to make payment and for you to sign the credit card payment slip. This is to minimise fraudulent activity and protect you, our guests. If you use a card to pay for your stay that would not be available at check-in, you will need to inform us of this when completing your Guest Registration/Damage & Breakage Policy form.

What procedures protect your details online and via email?

At Cumber’s we work within an online secure platform and payment gateway that protects your payment information submitted. Manually, we ensure that your payment details are password protected within a Word document, once you have completed the Damage & Breakage Policy and emailed it by return. Each password is created in accordance your booking and you will be notified of the code within your Reservation Confirmation Form. This password will open the Damage & Breakage Policy to allow you to complete said form. Once completed it will protect it from unauthorised viewing.

When completing the Guest Registration/Damage & Breakage Policy, 7-14 days prior to arrival, if you wish for the remainder of your booking balance to be paid with the credit card details contained within the same document please type ‘SAME’ in your response email. Alternatively, you may give us the landline telephone number on which to contact you, so that we may take the details of payment.

How will I get the keys to my condominium?

One of our Staff members will be at Cumber's to meet and greet you and provide you with one or two set of keys (depending on the number of guests) and your request. With recent Covid19 protocols, where possible, for the enhancement your overall safety and well-being, we offer a contact less check in process. However, visual check of your ID is necessary and the credit card slip created in support of your booking, needs your signature.

What are our House Rules and where can we find them?

Our House Rules are contained within our Guest Guide & Condo Operation Manual (copy of which is attached to your Reservation Reminder email). On our website, on the ‘book a condo’ page and within the footer of our website page ( or

How & where do I get information about things to do whilst on holiday/vacation?

Our team has a wealth of local knowledge and love to share their favourite local spots, eateries, convenience stores, restaurants and cool places to chill out and relax. We can also recommend/book catamaran cruises or evening dining shows for you – hopefully at a negotiated reduced price! Just ask. In addition, there is a ‘things to do’ brochure display in the Office. You can take away any brochures needed to aid you to have as much fun as possible!

Does Cumber’s Tropical Apartments take Damage & Breakage Security Deposits?

At Cumber’s we send you our Damage & Breakage Policy form to fill in. No deposit amount is taken at this stage. Once completed, we keep this information on file until 14 days after your departure. Should there be any damage that occurred during the period of your stay, it is requested that you inform the office at such time. Details of payment can then be discussed. If, damage is detected after departure a notification email will be sent containing the cost of repairs or replacement. Your credit card details will then be used to acquire payment of the same.

What time is the check-in?

Our standard check-in time is 2pm to 6pm our time, however, we are happy to accommodate other requests where possible. It is requested that any check-ins after 6pm be notified so that we may either be present or to provide you with the locked key box passcode (located to the left of the Office door)

What should I do if I need an early check-in?

As previously stated, our normal check in times are from 2pm – 6pm. We understand that sometimes your plans mean that you arrive very, early morning to Barbados. If this is the case, please let your request be known at the time of booking. Very early morning check-ins from 4am- 7.00am would mean require booking the condo from the previous night.

Arrivals requests from 7.30 am to normal check in time would attract a fee of $30 BDS. Any changes to your expected check in time, should be notified at least one week prior to arrival, so that we may find a solution, depending on condo availability.

What should I do if I want to check-in late?

If you require a check-in after 6pm our, time, please contact us in plenty time to facilitate your request and inform you of the measures need to attain your wish.

During our stay is there any laundry & housekeeping services?

At Cumber’s you will find supplies of extra linen and towels in the individual wardrobes. With recent updates within Cumber’s we have added extra washing machines in most of the condos. For those without, we have supplied extra laundry facilities on the complex to allow the washing of towels, linen and personal items.

There is no cost for this service. All that is needed is the purchase of laundry detergent. Previously, we have found that our guests prefer not to have their space and time taken up with housekeeping services. They prefer to do it themselves. Housekeeping for some was an option for a small charge. However, since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been directed and advised about the length of time we must to allow after check out, before we can commence clean up. Therefore, with regret, we are no longer able to offer housekeeping services during occupation of the condominium. We do have, as standard, supplies of mops, buckets, brooms and dust pans etc within each condo. In addition, as part of our Covid-19 Response Action Protocol we have introduced an extra supply of hand soap, disinfectant spray and cleaning cloths to aid you to combat of the spread of the Coronavirus.

What happens if there is a problem during my stay?

It is our hope that there is not a problem to report during your stay. However, should you have any concerns; our team is on hand to deal with them. Frequently, asked things such as ‘How to light the oven?’/ ‘How to operate the TV or Cable box’ Or ‘How to operate the AC unit?’ etc. can be found in Guest Guide & Condo Operation Manual.

What do I do in case of emergency?

In case of emergency, please contact the authorities first and then let us know. Emergency numbers are contained within the Guest Guide & Condo Operation Manual, including 24 hour clinic number and address. If it is a major maintenance issue, our emergency number is for any issues that require immediate attention. Either ring 4285597 or WhatsApp 1-246-2476814

Is Cumber's an authorised quarantine property?

Regrettably, we are not an authorised quarantine unit and therefore anyone who would like to stay with us, would have a negative PCR test result and for those needing to quarantine; this would be completed prior to your stay at Cumber's.

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