In light of recent Covid 19 outbreak news, at Cumber's we have changed our standard operating procedures in order to safe guard you, our customers and staff members alike.  Thus, we have laid foundations to enable us to re-create our business practices to align to a more contact less, streamline business model.  We have outlined the changes in our

Cumber's Guest Guide & Condo Operating Manual . 

With your complete safety in mind we have also created our 

COVID -19 Action Response Protocol  to inform you of what you need to know prior to your arrival and during your stay with us.

It is our hope that you find these documents helpful but should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  Thank you!

Please note a Room Rate Levy tax is payable, on arrival, of $8.75 bds per night, per bedroom, per condo.                                                                              * tax amount maybe subject to change 

Prices shown in USD

Welcome to Cumber's Condo choices.  It is time to take the first step to realising your holiday/vacation in Barbados